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Intrepid's David Taylor helps an angler get over the anchor, Paul Sweeney Photo Baja Fish Gear 2010 Sportfishing Calendar AD Shrimper Boat, Bill Roecker Photo
At the Rail & In the Skiff, Doug Rodricks, Sierra Drifters An American Anchor, Paul Sweeney Photo
American Angler Sportfishing An American Anchor, Paul Sweeney Photo Unmatched Strength, Mustad
The Truth and the All Time Tuna, Calstar Rods Join The Super Cow Club, Calstar Rods Rookie Bags Super Cow, Calstar Rods
Acurate Tuna Stack Shirt Rod Power Tames Super Cows, Calstar Rods Acurate Tuna Shirt
A Powerful Long Range Experience, Intrepid Sportfishing Intrepid Sportfishing Pull on a Big Bruiser, Accurate Fishing
400! The Contract's Out, Seeker Rods Accurate Xnergy Rods, Accurate Fishing Too Old To Catch A Cow?, Seeker Rods
The Perfect Circle, Mustad 2010 Long Range Fish Of The Year 07-08, Fisherman's Landing Tackle Shop Epic Fishing for BIG'uns, Seeker Rods


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Mustached Bass, Bill Roecker Photo Bill Roecker with a Guadalupe Yellowfin, Paul Sweeney Photo Roca Partida, Bill Roecker Photo
336-pound Thresher, Bill Roecker Photo An Excel Dawn, Bill Roecker Photo Whitey Under Way, Bill Roecker Photo
Panama Scenic, Bill Roecker Photo Rancho Leonero Rooster, Bill Roecker Photo Golden Ling, Paul Sweeney Photo
An East Cape Sunset, Paul Sweeney Photo Mesa de Leonero in East Cape, Paul Sweeney Photo A Lion's Head in East Cape, Paul Sweeney Photo
Kevin Pfeif and his 92-pound Yellowtail, Bill Roecker Photo A San Diego Seal, Bill Roecker Photo Braised Snapper aboard Royal Star, Bill Roecker Photo
Rancho Leonero Sail, Bill Roecker Photo Paul Sweeney and Qualifier 105 Skipper Joe Crisci with an Albacore, Bill Roecker Photo Giant Mola Mola, Bill Roecker Photo
Guadalupe Island, Bill Roecker Photo Excel Stack, Bill Roecker Photo What A Bone!, Paul Sweeney Photo
Excel skipper Mike Ramirez and Bill Roecker with a Pargo, Paul Sweeney Photo Dr. Dave Hall's 348 aboard Royal Star, Paul Sweeney Photo Paul Sweeney and an Excel Dodo, Bill Roecker Photo
Cubera Snapper aboard Royal Star fishing in Panama, Bill Roecker Photo Bill Roecker aboard the Shogun at Alijos Rocks Jeff Marcus and Sean Burroghs aboard the Royal Star
Stacked Skyline, Bill Roecker Photo Wahoo and Baby Yellowtail dish aboard Independence, Bill Roecker Photo A Shogun Dawn, Bill Roecker Photo
Red Rooster Dorado, Paul Sweeney Photo Hold That Tiger!, Paul Sweeney Photo Jan Howard's Ling, Bill Roecker Photo

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